Thursday, August 26, 2010

Country Fest 2010

Travis and I were able to attend Country Fest again this year thanks to my dad's office and advertising on the Coyote 102.7 Radio Station. We got the hook ups and were able to go up to the box seats where all the DJ's from the Radio station and all the performers go after they get off stage. This year the performers were ...

Blake Shelton (who is my new favorite country singer)

Uncle Kracker (Who sings "Smile" which is mine and Travis' song),
The Band Perry, and several other country singers. We went with Travis' sisters, Tiffany and Amber and his brother Chance. We all had a lot of fun!

Uncle Kracker

Blake Shelton singing to Me (or everyone else in the arena as well :P)

Me and Trav

Tiffany and Amber

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Yearly Trip to Idaho ... and now Wyoming too!

My favorite time of year has come and gone again. Most people might find it kind of weird but I love my summer trips to the good old Preston, Idaho for the Famous Preston Night Rodeo and parade. This was the second year for Travis to experience the awesomeness that occurs in Preston. :) And don't let him fool you ... he loved it! While I went shopping in Logan and to the side walk sales ... Travis went riding, hiking in ice caves, shooting, golfing, ... and I'm not sure what else him and the boys did! It went by really fast but was really fun!

Watching the Parade waiting for Gramps to drive by!

After the festivities in Preston we headed over to Wyoming where Travis' family is from. We took the Harley and drove to Jackson Hole with his Uncle Jaron and Aunt Kerri. I love Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Then of course Travis needed to go shooting and fishing up at his Dad's property. When we left that morning he said we would only be gone a couple of hours .... 8 HOURS later ... we had only killed a couple of squirrels and NO fish! Longest fishing day ever!

 Travis shooting the squirrels

  Now this next picture deserves an explanation .... it was a really LONG, HOT day with no fish catching going on and big smelly cows getting way to close to me ... so as I patiently waited for Travis to catch at least one fish (which didn't happen) .... I found one of the squirrels Travis shot and ... well ... gutted it. Why you ask?  I was bored but it was actually kind of fun ... then I took a picture of it to share with everyone! :) Overall .... we had a really fun trip to Idaho and Wyoming and can't wait for next year!