Saturday, September 18, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend Travis and I joined his family up at Panguitch Lake to go camping! I haven't been camping in sooo long and was super excited! The weather was so nice and it was great to get out of the heat. We did alot while we were up there. We rode the 4-wheelers, the boys rode their bikes, we had fun with all the dogs, and helped Travis' Uncle Randy and Aunt Stacey with the building of their cabin. 

Travis' cousins Tyler and Mason have a little boat that we took out on Panguitch Lake to go fishing! It was so much fun too! It was like the "Little Mermaid"! And the boys loved having us girls out there to entertain them ... I just know it! ;) We all ended up catching a lot of fish and eating a lot of fish too.

Oh and my favorite part of being out on the lake was when nobody was paying attention to the rivets in the bottom of the boat and then when you realize that the boat is filling up with water ...well... it's not a good feeling but really funny! 
 We also did a lot of hanging around the campfire and making s'mores and playing games. It was a great weekend!

Travis and Mason stole the Camera ...

The silly boys ...
it was impossible to take a normal picture of these boys!

The Girlie's ...

Me and Trav

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Girls Night!!!

A couple weeks ago it was a very quick random mass text that all the girls got from Ash ... Dinner at Olive Garden at 6 ... and surprisingly EVERYONE could make it! It was a lot of fun catching up with all the girls and needs to happen more often!