Saturday, February 9, 2013

January Birthday Month!!

January was a fun busy month for all of us!

The month started off with Kole getting really sick and having RSV.

Poor little guy

5 months - sick and sad :(

We started him on solids finally and he loves it!

When Kole finally got better we headed up North to Idaho to celebrate mine, Grandpa and Mathew's Birthdays.
We were saving a spot for Mathew

 Kole and Kingston finally met each other.

 We went shooting and hung out with the family!

 On our way home we stopped in St. George and let Kole and Grandpa Winn catch up a bit.

We celebrated my birthday at home as well and it was so fun having Kole around this year for my birthday.

   I had to work the night of my birthday but my awesome co-workers threw me a mini surprise party which made working on my birthday a little better.

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